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The ability to accurately model and simulate biological tissue and its interactions with medical tools is becoming of utmost importance as surgical procedures and medical devices become more complex and numerous. Traditionally, medical device designers and surgeons have solely relied on extensive, costly experimental testing, and empirical evidence to develop new medical devices and surgical techniques.

Cost of bringing a surgical device to market

In 2010 it took an average of $31 Million to take a 510(k) product and $94 Million to take a PMA product from concept to FDA clearance.

Sheldon et. Al, 2014
Estimated Costs of Delays for a 30 Person Company

Predictive Modeling provides device designers the ability to optimize their designs, by examining the impact of design changes and predicting device procedural outcomes without the added cost and time of conducting experimental studies.

8 Week Delay - $1.8 Million
Additional 20 Animal Study - $5.5 Million
Additional 100 Patient Study - $10.8 Million
Sheldon et. Al, 2014

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Design Devices Effectively
Design Devices Effectively

Our detailed computational analytics accurately simulate physical conditions, which support new product development and refine medical procedures and practices.

Develop Devices Faster
Develop Devices Faster

Predictive modeling can run hundreds of thousands of simulations in the amount of time it takes to produce one prototype. Our modeling can run a simulation in 3 hours, opposed to the typical 6-12 week process for creating a prototype.

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