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Delivering Medical Devices To Market Faster Using Finite Element Analysis

Delivering Medical Devices to Market Faster Using Finite Element Analysis

In any industry, the time to bring a product to market costs a significant amount of capital, especially in the medical device design world. With the advent of advanced computational modeling techniques, including our capabilities using non-linear finite element analysis, medical device designers now possess a tool to bring their products to market much more quickly, resulting in lower costs and faster revenue generation.

Not only does “virtual prototyping” or computational modeling allow for increased design cycle time, but it also enables engineering teams to discover potential errors in their device design by allowing them to examine scenarios not possible to reproduce using bench testing. Computational modeling allows organizations to conduct fewer experimental tests and informs the groups of what types of clinical trials will provide the most useful information.

Read the full article in News & Views Issue 46 here.

Dr. Doug Fankell recently hosted a webinar featuring three case studies using non-linear finite element analysis. Request the recording here to learn more!

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